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ocds on untitled #004
Merci :)

ocds on untitled #005
Thx all :)l

ocds on #untitled018
Merci manalo & thank you Fade!

ocds on #untitled020
Stolen shot from a flight at take-off. You're right, it would be better with an horizon ... horizontal :) Thanx ...

Curly on #untitled030
Wonderful colours and oh so soft.

ocds on #untitled027
Thank u Tim :)

Tim on #untitled027
lots to like here! i like the tone and color of clouds. the contrasting texture of beach and sky. the time of day you ...

Meysam on #untitled025
Very nice composition and colour tone!

ocds on #untitled024
wide aperture & very slow closing speed. Thx for the comment.

CUGNON on #untitled024
Une photo magnifique !!!!

Curly on #untitled024
I guess you took this from a boat on a pretty wide aperture? It appears a bit soft and warm.

MK on #untitled020
from a plane? it wud be better still if u get the horizon horizontal, i think

Fade ToBLACK on #untitled018
Great shot

manolo on #untitled018
superbe contraste. bravo

Self-Indulgence on #untitled017
Nice capture of lights and darks. I wish you the best of a happy and healthy new year!

Aniya on #untitled017

Curly on #untitled015
I like the riot of night colours in this one.

digitalCG on #untitled015
Capitalism can be beautiful.

ocds on untitled #012
Thx! :)

ocds on untitled #006
Merci pour le commentaire :) C'est au Sénégal, l'île de gorée.

B.Held on untitled #012
this is beautifully done.

Self-Indulgence on untitled #009
Great image.

Jaap on untitled #008
beautiful shot. nice perspective and the scary heavy cloud.

k@ on untitled #004
Bienvenue sur Am3 - j'adore ce clin d'oeil solaire et cette mèche au vent ;)

k@ on untitled #006
Angle ingénieux, j'aime beaucoup - ainsi que ces tonalités terra-cotta* Où est-ce ?

Theys on untitled #005

Joan Felix on untitled #005
Artistic. Nice shot

zahra on untitled #005

Thea on untitled #005
Very nice! Looks almost like a painting!

Joan Felix on untitled #003
Perfect sunset, behind the building makes the light so sweet. Nice shot

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